Christopher Wilson… Humble, wide eyed, and soft spoken. “Chippa” Wilson… Explosive, tattooed, and wild. They are one in the same. No alter egos, just one amazing surfer. Hailing from Cabarita Beach, Australia, 23 year old Chippa Wilson blindsided the surf community with a series of surf film edits, which displayed maneuvers that are redefining the sports progression. Sponsors like Analog Clothing quickly noticed his superior talents and stepped in to support the virtually unknown Chippa. Nominated for the 50k Kustom Airstrike in 2010, where the winning criteria is based on the single most groundbreaking and innovative aerial maneuver, Chippa’s never before landed “Bigspin” made him a viral video sensation. With a skate style all his-own Chippa spent his year logging hours of water time in front of the camera to ultimately release his first Analog signature surf film, NOW. The film earned Chippa a nomination as “Breakthrough Performer of the Year” at the 2010 Surfer Poll Awards. Known for taking to the air with huge moves, a recent trip to Fiji with World Tour’s number one and two, Kelly Slater and Taj Burrow, Chippa displayed his diversity as a surfer in huge barreling surf, once again proving he is one in the same.


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